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Client Testimonials


Strax Capital helped my wife and I claim compensation for the poor financial advice we had received to re-mortgage the equity in our home to invest in property both at home and abroad.  It required some work from both parties to gather the required information but then the Strax team led and submitted the claim which I doubt I would have the time nor understanding to complete. We received a substantial compensation reward which will go some way to ease our financial situation. Thank you Strax.


The process of a successful claim depends on an attention to detail, a knowledge of the laws involved and keeping the client informed all along the way. Strax Capital excelled in all three areas.

Client who wishes to be left anonymous

I happened to fall prey to IAP several years ago with false claims of how to make money by remortgaging my house to buy a property abroad. I lost a vast amount of money as the company went bust and many properties were not built. 


I then was recommended Strax Capital. 


I remember calling Marie Barclay, the managing director, one evening she was amazing she took the time to listen she didn't rush me off the phone as some people may have done. She was sympathetic and she liaised with Shashin Patel who went through my case with a fine toothcomb. He was thorough at times when I was getting so disheartened. Shashin was extremely helpful and he was very efficient and a great communicator It took months to complete the paperwork.


But after many gruelling months, I was rewarded compensation just last week. Which is going to help me greatly to get back on track. 


I urge anyone who has a claim to contact Strax Capital, after all no win no fee, what do you have to lose but time? This equates to hopefully getting some of your money back from these unscrupulous companies 


I would like to thank you and your team for the great work you have done, in my successful claim against Fuel Investments for £91,000, and keeping me posted throughout the Claim, I can't believe how quickly and smoothly the process went, I will definitely recommend Strax Capital to anyone.



Eight years ago our lives were turned upside down when we found out that Inside track had gone bust and our property in America was never going to be built, and all that was left in our Escrow was 10%. We struggled trying not to loose our home and support a family of four. We had had many different companies saying they would help but they either wanted large sums of money or did very little. We had resigned ourselves that we had lost all that money and couldn't trust anyone. Then in 2015, we were put in touch with Strax  Capital Legal, and for an initial fee of £20 to get files from our banks,  they worked patiently and diligently with us. They were always friendly and polite and never made us feel uncomfortable. Then on March 2017, a miracle, because that's exactly what it felt like happened. We had a phone call from Shashin Patel of Strax Capital Legal, telling us that we had been awarded £75,706.18 from the FSCS. We couldn't believe it, we were shaking and crying. Thanks to the hardworking and supportive team of Strax Capital Legal, they accomplished what we had thought could never be. Our lives have changed completely as we no longer have to struggle and we can get back to living again. We cannot praise Strax Capital Legal enough. They are definitely a company you can trust and we highly recommend them.

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